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Listen, no one doubts your talents, experience, leadership strengths and overall value proposition.

For years, you were the hottest commodity on the market; top-paying opportunities found you; recruiters and employers were competing for your attention and the next step on the corporate ladder was all yours.

In today’s highly competitive, ever evolving global world, your executive career story is different. You are still the same great person, your accolades still shine, but it seems much harder to stand out among the crown. Why does it seem sometimes like no one knows your name?

It’s not your fault, the world as you know it has changed

Emerging technology, mobile work spaces, changing corporate priorities, and just tough job competition are among the few changes you are experiencing now.

Executive branding and online career branding are no longer optional - there is a critical, ongoing need to differentiate yourself from your colleagues. So if you are overwhelmed, don’t despair because you are not alone.

Chances are that if you have landed on this page, there is something missing in your career progress and your self-driven career marketing plans may have failed you.

There are some things that you just can do.

Where are your stumbling blocks?

Whether you are knee-deep in a fruitless job search, tired of hearing “next time” for internal company opportunities or finally ready to take control of your career success…well, you have reached the executive resume writer and career coach.

New millenium, new global economy and there are new rules to follow…

1) Your one dimensional  “me-oriented” executive resume is not working:

Today’s executive resume is SO much more than a flat, historical document, the new millenium resume is a powerful, hard-hitting document that showcases your  talents, potential, personal brand and unique promise of value. You need a premium executive resume to work for you.

2) Qualifications are nice, but value proposition gets you hired:

In today’s competitive job market, being qualified is as uneventful as breathing. You need to scape beyond the surface to help employers understand why they should hire you.

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3) Today’s executive job search is not always a  “slam-dunk” success:


Unless you already have strong online presence or consistent executive brand reputation throughout your industry, the competition will knock you out.

You will have to translate executive brand and your value proposition into ROI-focused executive career documents, social media tools, elevator pitches and compelling talking points. And that’s just getting started…your executive job search is not going anywhere unless you also have a networking resume, career biography, critical leadership initiatives document.

4) Staying below the radar makes you invisible to employers:

Think that Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn don’t make sense for your industry? Think again…more than 85% of employers and recruiters will conduct a Google search before calling you even if your executive resume is fantastic. Your online brand, social media activities and web presence are just as important as what you do offline.

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Why you need Abby Locke as your executive resume writer and executive brand coach


As a personal brand strategist and resume writer, I go below the surface

One of my clients in the past has described my process as “boot camp for executive branding”.  While I don’t want you to get scared at that concept, you can appreciate that I take you and your career success seriously.

In business since 1997, I have a built a reputation that brings clients back to me, year after year. I engage executive clients who have a clear eye on their career / job target, but need strategic career guidance and support in getting there.

I collaborate with forward-thinking leaders, pioneering CEOs, global executives and serial entrepreneurs in the making who struggle with proactive self marketing and who need a spotlight under employers’ radar. I help them increase their brand reputation, become sought after leaders and earn the salaries that they deserve.

Imagine employers and recruiters chasing you again instead of the other way around…you can finally command the salary you deserve and achieve the career of your dreams.

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You’ll connect with Abby through meaningful “dig-deep” executive branding strategy and coaching sessions where you’ll

  • identify and articulate your leadership strengths and distinctive value proposition
  • discover your executive personal brand and how to leverage it in job search and career management
  • embrace self-promotion, self-marketing and effective “self-bragging”
  • pull out career-defining accomplishments and standout contributions

I am able to take you from unknown executive to highly visible contender through effective online and offline executive branding strategies.

Are We A Match?

  • You have 15-plus years’ experience in senior leadership and executive roles from Director-level to CEO and President.
  • You are serious about your job search and executive career and see the value of investing in yourself for long-term success
  • You are crystal clear on your job search target and career goals, but need an executive career marketing and executive branding plan to get you there.
  • You want to be differentiated from your colleagues and need a brand-focused executive resume and executive career marketing documents.
  • You recognize that executive branding and career storytelling are not fads, but essential, strategic career marketing tactics.

Isn’t time for your executive branding breakthrough?


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