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Executive Branding + Career MarketingIf you have landed on this page, chances are you are wondering what went wrong in your world.

For years, your talents, experience, leadership strengths and overall value proposition has propelled your career forward.

  • You were the hottest commodity in the job market…
  • Top-paying opportunities always seemed to fall in your lap…
  • Recruiters and employers were competing for your attention…
  • The next step on the corporate ladder was always yours for the taking…

So why does it seem like your executive career is not making leaps and bounds anymore. The truth is…it’s not you, the world as you have always known it has changed dramatically.

Emerging technology, mobile work spaces, changing corporate priorities, and evolving global market and intense competition are among the few changes that have shifted your world.

Executive career branding and a strong online brand presence are no longer optional. There is a critical, ongoing need to differentiate yourself from your colleagues. So if you are overwhelmed, don’t despair because you are not alone.

What is your biggest career challenge right now?

  • Has it been more than 15 years since you have developed an executive resume?
  • Are you anxious about selling yourself or marketing your strengths?
  • Is it hard finding the right career marketing communications for your target audience?
  • Do you struggle to articulate your value proposition during interviews?
  • Were you the #2 or #3 candidate AGAIN in your last executive interview?
  • Have you revised and worn out your “do-it-yourself” executive branded resume?

Whether you are knee-deep in a fruitless job search, tired of hearing “next time” for internal company opportunities or finally ready to take control of your career success…you have reached the right place with the best executive branding and career marketing solutions.

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Why you need Abby Locke on your side…

As a master-level executive branding strategist and career marketing architect, I go below the surface of your professional background

Executive Branding + Career MarketingOne of my former clients has described my process as “boot camp for executive branding”. 

While I don’t want you to get scared, you can appreciate that I take you and your career success seriously.

In business since 1997, I have built a reputation that brings clients back to me, year after year.

I engage with executives, consultants and emerging leaders who have a clear eye and razor sharp focus on bold career goals, but need strategic career guidance and support in getting there.

Even the best forward-thinking leaders, pioneering CEOs, global executives, consultants and budding entrepreneurs, at some point, struggle with career marketing and need a spotlight under employers’ radar.

Executive Branding + Career MarketingThat’s where I come in. I help them increase their personal brand reputation, become sought after candidates and land higher-level job opportunities often within 90 days or less. Isn’t it time that employers and recruiters were chasing you again instead of the other way around?

Picture the moment when you can finally command the salary you deserve and achieve the career of your dreams.

Read what my executive clients are saying:

Abby is a fantastic personal brand coach! What defines her best from the myriad of other brand coaches is that she delivers on her promise to build power brands that helps executives advance with confidence and clarity. She is a great listener, very focused and strategic. Most important, she gives hope in the situations when you need it most. – M. Barnes, Global Communications Advisor

(Transitioned to new job in another state in < 90 days)


I highly recommend Abby for the incredible work she produces! I found her efforts to be highly effective as she crafted a highly developed, creative resume that was in line with my career target. Her cover letters helped to present me to employers and recruiters in a professional and succinct way. I keep getting positive feedback on my executive resume and everyone remarks that it characterizes my work achievements well. – J. Harding, Healthcare CEO

(Transitioned to new CEO role in less than 30 days)


I highly recommend Abby as a career and brand strategist. Abby is both a creative thinker and influential collaborator with a unique writing ability to bring your competitive positioning to life. Her exclusive branding system is a powerful, impactful journey that will introduce you to yourself along the way to establishing your value proposition and setting you apart from the crowd. – L. Prout, CIO

(Landed recruiter interviews within 4 days with new executive resume)


Abby is gifted when it comes to helping her clients clearly and powerfully market themselves professionally. Her process guides you to capture not the “what” of what you’ve done, but its impact/value to an organization. In the end, one walks away with not just a powerful executive resume, but a strong ability to convincingly articulate one’s professional value. -E. Lebrun, Senior Consultant

(Switched industry with new position at top consulting firm in 60 days)

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Why working with Abby is different…

You’ll connect with Abby through meaningful “dig-deep” executive branding, resume strategy and strengths-based coaching sessions where you’ll

  • identify and articulate your leadership strengths and distinctive value proposition
  • discover your executive personal brand and how to leverage it in job search and career management
  • embrace self-promotion, self-marketing and effective “self-bragging”
  • pull out career-defining accomplishments and standout contributions

I am able to take you from unknown executive to highly visible contender...you don’t need an executive resume that wins awards and accolades, you need executive branding services that brings you tangible career results.

You Are My Ideal Client If You…

  • Have experience in senior management and executive roles (from Senior Manager or Director to CEO and President)
  • Are ready to invest in your long-term professional and executive career success
  • Your dream job is clear to you, but you need to bridge the gap through distinctive executive career marketing, executive resume writing and executive branding solutions
  • Want to understand and leverage your brand identity and branding archetype in your business environment
  • Recognize that executive branding and storytelling are not fads, but essential, career marketing tactics

What’s standing between you and your executive career success?

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